Happy St.Patrick’s day!

Hello children!

Yes, we are in Ireland! Top of the morning to you all!! Are you wearing something green?

As you can see there are many sheep in Ireland and it is a very, very, very beautifully green country!!! Did you see that our friend Liam the Leprechaun is saying “DIA DHUIT” (pronounced JEE-AH-GHWITCH!) which means HELLO in Gaelic.

I’ve attached a shamrock sheet for you – if you want you can color it for me – green, green, green!! I’ll wait for your drawings of Ireland!!

A giant Irish hug!!

Teacher Loretta

(Per Mamma e Papà – ho chiesto ai vostri bimbi di farmi un disegno dell’Irlanda – un quadrifoglio, una pecora, un folletto – e poi voi potrete rimandarmelo su Facebook nei commenti del post. GRAZIE!!)

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